Science is a Story

Science is a story: a powerful, complex, predictive story, but a story after all. It can help us understand and change the world. It uses concepts like energy, temperature and force. These concepts are very useful, but have you ever seen a force? We tend to associate it to muscular effort or to how something pushes us or pulls us. It is a very handy concept to understand how the world works, but still I would not be unable to point at it.

Science runs parallel to the real world. It needs to keep in touch with reality. Its results have to be observable or have a connection with a natural phenomenon. But science is a story after all, a story with certain rules that we have established. The point is: can we tell the story in a better way? If what we do is telling a story that produces results through mathematics, computer simulations and observations, why do we not take a little detour to make it more entertaining?

In this blog I will use fiction short stories whose plots connect with physical concepts. I will use different characters and situations to make physics more accessible, and hopefully a bit fun, too. This approach can be useful for people from outside the field who want to know a bit more about physics in an entertaining way, for high school students who are studying the subject for the first time and even for physicists who need an image for a concept to remember it better.

Please leave your comments and send me your feedback to make this blog even better. Enjoy!

Header image: Árbol y Storm 2 From Public Domain Pictures, Licence: Public domain